PHFAT x Mac Motel - Keep You Safe

PHFAT // Cold Summer 2016 SA Tour

PHFAT // Mike Rants At Oppikoppi

PHFAT // Lights Out ft.JungFreud

We actually got distracted enough by all of the rap shows and touring that we kept forgetting to release the new music video for our song that we did with JungFreud called ‘Lights Out’. The song is still free off of our soundcloud. Along with all the rest of our songs. Our homie Ryan Kruger made it. Our other homie Alex An-Los is a stunt coordinator who has been working with a team of actor/stunt-homies on a dope fight sequence. We told them to speak to each other and then they made this video. So go watch that sheeeee. Then send it to all your friends. Stay amazing, Smooth and Narch P.S. People who caught our Oppi set will have heard our new jam called “If he can't dance”. Keep your eyes peeled. It’s a fuckin number and it’s coming soon!

Never Hide Films // Blend Like Camo

"P.H.Fat is a fresh and talented electronic rap crew that have taken the radio-waves of South Africa by storm with their hyping music and mental stage performance. They are also real passionate skateboarders. We capture them in their work space showing some of the unique gear they use to make those rich sounds that we hear in their music We follow them as they skate around Chapmans Peak where they usually go ride their skateboards, with Table Mountain on the one side and the ocean on the other. We then blend into the night and see them at a gig to let you in on their crazy performance as P.H.Fat. We get to see how laid back they are in the day on their Skateboards and crazy at night on the stage. They show us how they blend into these scenarios." - Rayban

PHFAT // House Of Clashes

'House of Clashes' is the first single off PHFAT's new album 'HAPPINESS MACHINES' and combines lo-fi aesthetics with Surrealist Art House, cheesy horror and Tragi-Comedy. It was directed with a focus on off-kilter portraiture, jarring composition and opposing combinations of beauty and gore. The video is a representation of everything the song says, everything the band enjoys and everything the director has been dying to try.
Director: Travys Owen
Camera Operator: Stan Kaplan
Stylist: Chloe Andrea
Assistant Stylist: Brodi Deer
Hair and Makeup: Toni Greenberg